#TWEETCORE Episode 016

Presenting the LATEST episode of the weekly #TWEETCORE Radio Hour now in Podcast form! You can listen to it on Mixcloud (for now, we’re limited to 10 episodes on there at a time and we’re fast approaching!).

You can also find all the episodes on your favorite Podcatcher below.

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Join host Marc Schuster of the Star Crumbles for an hour of independent music curated from the vast universe of social media. You’re in for a treat this episode as Marc kicks things off with an unreleased track from the upcoming Star Crumbles second album!

For the latest episodes, tune in with us on Wednesdays at 4pm PST / 7pm EST and on Saturdays at 9am PST / Noon EST. Shuffled re-runs of all the episodes air Sundays at 9am PST / Noon EST.

The first seven episodes were for lack of better term the “pilot” so to speak, each with their own playlist. Starting with episode 008 and beyond (let’s call it season 2 kicking off the new year!); all featured music will be added to this “super” and very duper playlist:

Track Listing:

Tweetcore Radio Hour 016 – 02-15-2023
“Another Fine Mess” – Simmons and Schuster – Dos
“My Own Hands” – The Star Crumbles – (Unreleased)
“Shadows in the Dark” – The Star Crumbles – The Ghost of Dancing Slow
“1,2,3” – Rogue Jones – single
“Sleep” – Nagasaki Swim Club – single
“Socratic Meathead” – Unlucky Mammals – single
“8-4” – Bees! – Bees!
“Mom and Pop Show” – Dino DiMuro – Carving the Fat
“Let’s Do Beers” – Won’t Say Rabbit – Single
“Wonder” – Mikey J – Wondering
“Fortune8” – Shaun Panda Nicholson – Abstractions
“Deep Space Blues” – Rebel Tramp – Intra Dimensional Frequencies
“WKRP in Cincinnati” – ???? – single
“Inadequate Start” – Grim 17 – Messing with Your Faith
“Out Here Tonight” -Emilie Lierre – The Wanderer

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Independent Artists. Listen and Submit to HERE
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