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It has been a BUSY two weeks for the radio part of this blog, playlist, radio, and podcast goulash I got going on here. I am beside myself with how pleased I am to be this busy, quite frankly. Emersed, is almost an understatement in all the independent music I’m dabbling in right now. It’s fantastic. Hashtag #Goodproblemstohave. It’s hard to even know where to begin, but it’s important to formulate some kind of communication about it, so here we go.

AMS Radio has TWO new shows debuting tomorrow:

The Weekly NAS (New Artist Spotlight) Top 20 will kick off tomorrow at 10am PST.

It is an exciting syndicated show that churns out regular content featuring independent artists. The Top 20 is listed week to week as voted on by the NAS community. Every week will feature a Top 20 listing, as well as a “Take 5 with Plum & a Chum” interview segment that features an interview with an independent artist from the NAS community. In a commemorative fashion, we’ll be airing “Classic NAS Top 20s Revisited” episodes on the weekends at 10am PST, re-living these charting independent artist’s music and their interviews from previous episodes. I’ll be tweeting all day! Please send over some tweets or join me in Discord to chat about the show!

Our good friends at the Less Than 1000 Followers Blog will debuting a show called the “LT1KF Indie Hour” at 6pm PST

It is highly likely that if you are an independent artist, you have worked with Javier at LT1KF. The man is a workhorse and I think he might just be as insane as me. It’s hard to match his energy. He runs a publication online that has written reviews on more than 2000 artists by my count, and he’s bringing exposure to the phenomenal artists he works with here to the station. There will be two times slots for LT1KF: Tuesdays through Thursdays 6pm to 7pm PST for the U.S. friendly time zones, and a European friendly time slot on the weekends 11am to Noon PST. Again, I’ll be tweeting frantically as I’m tuned in and chatting my life away on Discord if you’d like to comment, submit songs, requests, all that kind of thing.

And rolling with a full steam momentum is the #TWEETCORE Radio Hour hosted by Marc Schuster. Tune in Wednesday at 4pm PST for Episode 02!!!

I can’t tell you enough about how super awesome the upcoming episodes are for this show. I want to. It’s hard to get the end product early, place the markers and not yack about what I just heard. We’re already planned out to a third episode and I’m living in a utopian #TWEETCORE future state. Excellent music. Excellent insight. Fantastic host. How in the world can this guy Schuster do everything so well? “Oh by the way let me just be a fantastic D.J., drummer, guitar player, release a ton of solo stuff, collaborate with every talented musician I come across and ya know, squeeze in being a college professor while I’m at it…” Who does that? Marc effing Schuster does apparently. He’s like a second coming of Greg Graffin or something. Amazing. We air re-runs of #TWEETCORE Radio Hour on the Weekends at 9am PST. A rolling archive of episodes will also be housed in Podcast form on Mixcloud and very soon…. to every Pod Catcher out there on the web. (Except Spotify, because they are trying to corner the market on everybody… don’t get me started.)

And oh yeah, AMS still actively curating TONS of playlists (Spotify and Apple, dabbling with Deezer). I just took in a number of submissions last week, TONS of good stuff in there but truth be told, I AM TOAST between everything I’ve been listening to for the radio station, reviewing, writing about for my blog as well as LT1KF, and the stuff I curated to be added to our lists. They are solid, and a plethora too many to mention individually this time around. All lists made up of independent artists (with the exception of the HnH list, that has a few that could be considered mainstreamers on there). We are due for a Top 10 update. I know. I’m behind on this. But the Top 10 I have right now is so GOOD, I don’t want to do the long over due thing of revamping the list before I can get a Podcast episode out, or get something similar going with what we’re doing with the “Classic NAS Top 20 Revisited.” I’m going to grimace as I replace some of those tracks in the list because I truly love them. But change is coming soon. I have a review for a brand new single from an Industrial Metal band out in New Mexico in the works, as well as an interview with an indie pop artist with a slick retro twist out of New York publishing soon. We’ll get there. For now, please check out the latest AMS Playlists and enjoy some of the awesome underground music out there:

Check out our radio station’s featured Spotify playlist, “Indie Anarchy”
The Heavy Stuff
A playlist archive of DIY and independent artists
Volume 2 of the Archives series
Volume 3 of Archives
Check out a playlist of artists featured in our Blog Reviews

Apple Music Playlists:

“AMS Radio: Indie Archives Vol. 3” on Apple Music

“AMS Radio: Indie Archives Vol. 2” on Apple Music

“Indie Archives” on Apple Music

“AMS Radio: Hard n Heavy” on Apple Music

“Indie Anarchy” on Apple Music

“AMS Radio Blog Reviews” on Apple Music

4 thoughts on “New Shows, Updates

  1. I honestly don’t know you manage to do all this! Just writing 3-5 reviews per week wears me out. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day, and I cannot devote all my waking hours to not only listening to submissions and writing reviews for my own blog, but also try to keep up with the 100s of blogs I follow, as well as all the podcasts and radio programs sent my way.

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    1. I honestly don’t know either, LOL. I have severe ADHD so a lot of it comes down to constantly reducing things to bite size repetitive concise steps. Next thing I know, I have a thousand tiny steps I’m taking every day as opposed to big projects that would intimidate me and I never start and or finish. One piece at a time! Johnny Cash style.

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