Quizboy Still Weird: New EP Press Release

It’s an odd thing to be in the unique position of writing your own press release. Some might say it’s empowering. Definitely streamlines things a bit. Some might say, “it’s not Pro.” The best part about the Quizboy project is that “not pro” is perhaps not only the preferred method, but it’s almost a fun idea to antagonize. Suffice it to say, the views expressed by the project are not necessarily that of the blog and radio station…. which is also me… somehow.

And with that we’ve overcome the first hurdle of this “not Pro” approach. Do I speak in third person, or in first? I’ve had PR’s written for the project by others in the past, and have also written them in a third person to emanate that “pro” ambiance. I mean, that’s what we’re supposed to do right? This one’s a bit different, and that’s okay. Reason for variation this time around is that I sit back and I think to myself, “what’s the point,” “what is the value,” “what am I really trying to accomplish,” with this exercise? All valid questions in my mind, I mean, who’s going to argue with themselves? I’ve got medication for that now. So let me get all “showbiz” with you for a minute here on the subject. The intent of a press release (PR) is to announce officially that you have a work coming out. Kinda like a gender reveal party for your music? Bad analogies aside, it’s an addendum to your EPK. When you shop it around for pub, it gives people a reference back to write things like “officially announced via… as of such and such date” or something to that effect. And of course, depending on the outlet, the means in which you had it written up, all those things, it could also kick off a “buzz” of sorts and begin the hype machine. Almost feel “yucky” even talking like that, but that is Quizboy talking. If Quizboy were a different type of project, or was projecting something different, I would have a completely different perspective. That’s the point of AMS Radio. Speaking with my AMS Radio hat on, I have a deep and sincere appreciation for all arts and that’s part of what makes this blog, the station, and all that other stuff worthwhile. It doesn’t matter at all what I do with Quizboy. With AMS, I want to know what the artist is projecting, who they are, what their vision is, etc. It makes my participation in the event so much fun. I’ve always been a weird kid in the corner drawing pictures and maladaptive daydreaming in my own head. That’s where I’m comfortable. Hence, the name of the EP coming out, “Not Like The Others You Know.” See? A theme. A method to the madness. Full circle.

This PR is already longer than what is conventional, against the grain, and perhaps misses the target completely. Mission accomplished. And here we are, in paragraph 3 finally getting to some meat and potatoes. This release I have scheduled is the first since “Bella” that was released back in December of 2021. Again, another “cardinal sin” in the “biz” that is Spotify, who I read somewhere has a bit of an “algorithmic” pressure applied to artists to release something every 4 months. One of a few reasons you see singles and EPs more now a days as opposed to albums. Perfect! The next release planned is going to be an album as well.

We’ll start with scheduled release dates for streaming services. As of right now, that release date is November 11th for streaming. The reason why that’s not as “firm” as I’d like it to be is because of some more “biz” stuff. The EP includes a cover of The Decemberists‘ “Down By The Water.” I’ve purchased the cover license, a big-time important thing for me from an “artist centered” standpoint. When you do this, you are supposed to project how many digital sales you THINK you’ll get, and that determines the licensing fee you pay up front. I bought 25. The distributor I attempted to release this through, requires a license for 100. Why? Because reasons. So, like “Bella” the release will be split into a couple releases. The other primary distributor I use is an Indie outfit in Australia. They are great. They have the option to “opt out” of digital downloads when sending to the services. Pretty interesting how the more independent you get, the more centered around the artist it becomes, isn’t it? It begs the question, why even use Distributor A at all then? Well, there’s a few reasons including sunk cost, what services it gets delivered to, and distribution deals I have with other artists to help them get their music out. We’ll save that convo for another time. Regardless, the tracks that make up the EP will be out for streaming November 11th.

Track List:

  1. Not Like The Others You Know
  2. Brave A Storm
  3. Down By The Water – (cover released as stand alone single)

You know what’s really cool though? Bandcamp. On Bandcamp you’re pretty much getting everything I do raw dog as packaged in it’s original stasis. I upload the cover licenses and Bandcamp doesn’t care if I paid for 25 or 100. They also don’t hassle an artist about artwork, god-forbid that someone might have hand painted, or done it themselves and it doesn’t quite meet “industry standards” set by streaming services. I can also release it when I want, and replace audio as needed. Again, it’s a bit of a coincidence that the more “direct to listener” a place is, the more truly artist centered it feels. Maybe it’s just me. As I write this, I’m laughing to myself thinking about when I pitch my tracks to Spotify and Amazon and direct them to the press release. I’m guess I’m assumptive in thinking those actually get read as I’m already pretty ghosted in that department, but still nonetheless a funny thought. No editorial playlists here I’m guessing.

It’s scheduled to come out tomorrow on Bandcamp:

I also would like to close with the overwhelming support I’ve already received from #TWEETCORE already. I didn’t even write up the press release yet and I’ve had people tag me, listen, and support it. I can’t even express how moving that is for me and how grateful I am to be able to interact with such supportive and talented creatives. I’m going to attempt to link as many as I can recite as I write this and unfortunately live with a deep regret over anyone I may forget to mention, but here it goes:

Won’t Say Rabbit

The Star Crumbles

Marc Schuster

Brian Lambert


Matt Moran

Eric Linden


Bottlecap Mountain

Pent Up!