Fall Playlists are upon us! ’22

October already. My goodness can’t believe it. What a “Spook-Tacular” month it is to be. More than just a couple, a few, exciting announcements for the AMS Radio “state of the union” monthly post here. First, the playlists are all opened up and back on Daily Playlists taking submissions for the month, looking forward to hearing some new stuff. They’ve been coming in pretty rapid fire, so if that trend continues, probably only be open for a week or so. I’m going to cut up everybody’s favorite indie shuffle list, The Bullpen into a second edition. 200 track max in each bullpen.

Second, my psychedelic friend and yours, William Sanford just dropped a couple new releases that I will be most assuredly sharing in great detail with you soon! Title track off his latest album spinning on the radio station as well as in the Anarchy list:

Third, “Baked and Bulletproof” is back for a Season 2. Season 1 was so experimental, finding my footing on exactly how I’d like to program it moving forward. The first big change is that the show will not only have the foundational programming concept (#indiemusic + #creepypasta = #bakedandbulletproof) but will also have a monthly Top 10 episode included as well. These lists have been so good in piloting, that capturing a snapshot in time every month to look back on in Podcast form has become an essential realization for me. The second big change is that I’ll be speaking on the Podcast instead of it being all bots. As much as I loved to dork out on the dreamed up concept of these bots having their own personalities, Mega Man inspired, etc. it was too labor intensive to sustain and the concept was translated more in my head than transcended through the medium. I’d like it to be a little more interactive. Not to fret though, Bot James Bot is still going to be our Creepy Pasta narrator, because honestly, who could do it better? Here is a good chance to catch up on the cliffhanger we left off on, on Season 1’s 3 part series of “Night of the Lockdown.” The conclusion of the story will be Season 2’s first episode back, PERFECT for a Halloween kick off debut!

Fourth! My #tweetcore brethren Scoopski has curated THE ultimate Halloween playlist, and is featured on the front of the AMS Radio Spotify profile for the month of October. Check it out.

FIFF!! So many new artists added to rotation on the station and to the playlists, too many to rattle off one by one. They come in so rapidly, I honestly struggle to catch up with who, when, and how these days. Fantastic problems to have. Of particular mention at the forefront of my mind is My Latest Failure, Lissy Taylor, and Billy Lowry! And a ton more on AMS Radio and on AMS Playlists:

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