Playlists are open for submissions!

I know it’s not quite September JUST yet… technically. I couldn’t help myself though, I’m just super excited right now with the new features on the playlists and additions to the radio stations, I wanted to get it out there and write about it. Call me antsy. All of the playlists are opened up for submissions on Daily Playlists and I can’t wait to hear the subs this month and add to what I already feel is a strong list of music. Once I rotate things out and send them to the Bullpen I tend to get a bit somber because I become attached to the way the playlists are at the time. Alas, keeping things fresh and rotated in and out is what is good for the station and good for discovering new things. Plus, I always remember that I could just go to the Bullpen, hit the shuffle button and re-live all the great music I’ve come across before. It’s a win-win.

I’m trying out a new thing too, a Top 10 playlist. As of right now, it’s just a cherry picking of some of my favorites throughout the playlists, but I would like to get input from readers/listeners as well. What I am thinking is that this would make the curation process more interactive and fun for me. The way to provide that feedback is through this Google Form. Steps are super easy by design. Listen to the top 10, pick a playlist below and listen to it, and vote for a song to be “in” the top 10 as well as a song to be “out” of the top 10. Ba-da bing, Ba-da boom. Hoping to hear some feedback from the nether out there. And yes, nothing gets passed you I know, it is indeed a clever Jedi mind trick and ploy to solicit your opinion, like one of those survey things. Because god-forbid, I put together playlists of music people actually like. Jeesh. Quit giving me such a hard time about it already.

Anyways, some honorable mentions and call-outs of the new additions include Starchild Yeezo, Panama Quik, Mia Mormino, and Natalie Holmes just to name a few! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

You can also vote on the top 10 by going to, scrolling all the way to the bottom, and clicking the “top 10 vote” button. Cheers.

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