Playlists, Playlists, Playlists!

I would hope that anyone that reads the blog would also know by now that aside from spinning a TON of hand curated fantastic indie music on the station, AMS Radio also has you covered for discovering tons of new music from independent artists all over the world via Spotify and Apple Music playlists. From silly songs to hard rock playlists, from hip hop to even a playlist dedicated to Karate themed songs, I work tirelessly at compiling music that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Here are some worthy mentions.

Indie Anarchy is the station’s turnkey featured list. It’s the one I get the most submissions for, and it curated pretty much daily to bring you the latest out there. It’s a reflection of what spins from 7-9pm PST on our “NEW Singles” portion of Indie Anarchy Tuesdays thru Thursdays on AMS Radio. There has been a ton of submissions lately, so there’s plenty to discover in there regularly. Check it out:

Check out our radio station’s featured Spotify playlist, “Indie Anarchy”

Our “Archives” playlists (now up to Volume 3) is comprised of all the artists I’ve had the pleasure of networking with and received submissions from all sources (our Muso clients, Daily Playlists, Playlister Club, etc.)

A playlist archive of DIY and independent artists
Volume 2 of Archives

Volume 3 of the series is still super new and in the growth phase, but I’m already getting a ton of submissions for it and it is filling up quickly with awesome indie. Bookmark it now and grow with us! Not ready for submits on Daily Playlists yet, but please contact us directly or work through Muso (see the “About” page) to promo your music and help the network continue to grow.

And for my collaborative playlist with my good friends at Hard N’ Heavy playlists; this list has grown quicker than I expected. When I think about it, it shouldn’t be unexpected. The artists and tracks on this list are as solid as it gets. If the heavier side of things is your flavor, this is a great one to follow and discover new music regularly.

Punk, Metal, and Hard Rock curations. Accepting submissions through Daily Playlists and Playlister Club

And if my bias weren’t showing enough already, I have a personal elation for the AMS Radio Blog playlist. This is a playlist of every artist I have had the pleasure of working with and reviewing their music on the blog. When I listen to this list, it has a resonance with me in a way that every song has a story that I remember when hearing it. Read about these artists here on the blog.

Check out a playlist of artists featured in our Blog Reviews