Playlists and Updates 02-05-2022

We got updates! We got playlists! Please check it out

Big welcomes on the “Indie Anarchy” playlist to Escape Ring, Douglas Savage / Slye, Skipping Stone and more! Please give the list a follow to keep hearing from new artists every month.

Check out our radio station’s featured Spotify playlist, “Indie Anarchy”

In somberly related news, we bid adieu to some AMS favorites such as Luxe, Clifford, Alico, and others. But do not fret! You can still hear these great tunes in our Archives playlists below, now up to Volume 2. And of course, it’s all still spinning on AMS Radio regularly!

A playlist archive of DIY and independent artists
Volume 2 of Archives

If you’re taste is heavier/rock-oriented, please check out this new playlist we’re co-curating with our friends at Hard n Heavy Playlists! Independent artists of an Alt-Rock, Punk, or Metal flavor.

AMS Radio and Hard n Heavy Playlists bringing you INDIE Alt-Rock, Punk, and Metal to check out