Baked and Bulletproof is here

After some failed miserable attempts at sharing independent music with the Twitch and YouTube-verse… (failed because ya know… they are sooooo “ARTIST CENTERED” **eye**roll**). The Baked and Bulletproof Podcast at last has a new home. On Spotify.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “self, but what about if I listen to my Podcasts on different services?” And I would say to you in my best Jack Black voice “ah shut up! Fuck you! You fucking dick! Always naysaying! Everything I create! You piece of shit! You create something like inward singing!” But I would mean in the highest regard. Alas, the way it works with the service I’m using is only thru Spotify (and the whole issue with everything is because I play music). So why not just set up a free Spotify account if you don’t have one and discover some new independent music with me? What do you say? It’s actually a pretty good repository for podcasts, I have a few I follow and listen to on there.

In related news, there will be another Podcast available beyond just the Spotify universe. A really, no really, artist centered platform called MixCloud. Lots more to come on that. It will be called, “Bandcamping.”

Here’s a link to the Apple Music playlist I was listening to (AMS Indie Influences):

In conclusion of this announcement, please check out the Podcast’s Spotify page here:

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