Watch Party! Splitsville Episode 01

A magical thing has happened. Two of my favorite things have joined forces for a special event. The “2 Nights to Late Night” show and the band Every Time I Die being those particular favorites. The event is “Splitsville” a new live stream show produced by the “2 Minutes to Late Night” crew.

And best of all, I didn’t even mention that space rock legends/pioneers Cave In will also be appearing on episode one. Perhaps you are thinking the same as me when I read the promo email: “GTFOH. That’s rad.” Well, old timer who still uses 90’s rhetoric, you are correct. Rad indeed. And as a way of expressing how rad I think that is, I’d like to invite you to a watch party. If you are a member of our Patreon, I’ve already got your ticket, you’re covered- just RSPV from our Contact Us page for a headcount. You will receive the details for the watch party.

If you’re going to buy a ticket on your own, you’re still welcome to the watch party with us, I just send me your proof of purchase because it’s all about supporting the artists… those who know me should know that by now…. but nonetheless Contact Us and we’ll work something out.

Ticket info can be found HERE