TID The Season- ETID Xmas Telethon

What do you do when you owe your ball busting manager $69? Well, I’ll tell you what Every Time I Die (ETID) does… they put together a hardcore telethon…bro.

I hope that you, like I, was able to bear witness to the event that was ETID’s Telethon Extravaganza last Saturday. Because if you were, then you should be just as delighted as I was with it. I’m going back to watch it, for like, my third time now.

The “live” event happened Saturday and the time to drink, chat, and be merry in real time has sadly passed, like annual Yuletide tradition. It now lives in folklore. I’m hoping this is something we’ll get to see every year. It’s not too late though, you can still buy a virtual ticket and see the pre-recorded telethon until tomorrow (12/22/2020). Just like Santa, as well as Batman, it will escape into the night after that. My personal opinion is that you should bundle the ticket with some of the awesome new merch the band has stocked up on. For the life of me, I swear, I am such a sucker for ETID merch. I don’t know what it is, their stuff just looks slick. Maybe that says more about their designers than it does me, considering how much of a hot mess I am sometimes. I digress. Anyways, here’s the link to check it all out:


There was a bit of a “pre-event,” that happened Friday when Hate5six premiered the band’s “TID The Season 2019” performance (you know, filmed back in the “before times”). Alas, it was a project that was abruptly interrupted by the shit show we now know as the year 2020. This really added to a digital “tail-gate” atmosphere. The band was online chatting with everybody during the debut. I can’t really say enough about the experience. You really, really, really should donate to Hate5six’s Patreon page if you are willing and able. The man brings the masses underground music, without guys like him, we wouldn’t have nice things. Some of the Patreon packages include drum can angles which are a delight if you aren’t familiar.