“Tidal Waves” Episode 5 -“AMS Tidal1”

The fifth episode of our newest show “Tidal Waves” features Indie artists featured on the Tidal Playlist AMS Tidal1

click hereLip ServiceQuizboyAMS Tidal15
click hereMoreDir. OPTIX and Kayce KeysAMS Tidal15
click hereSlickMs. ToiAMS Tidal15
click hereFaithKevin PatAMS Tidal15
click hereHeart BeatDir. OPTIX and Kayce KeysAMS Tidal15
click hereRole ModelMs. ToiAMS Tidal15
click hereHeartless (Sax Cover)Kevin PatAMS Tidal15
click hereDevil’s DueQuizboyAMS Tidal15
click hereAsh Catch ’emLouisxLowgAMS Tidal15
click hereVibesNext RouteAMS Tidal15
click hereQuarantine FreestyleChigo ChiggxzAMS Tidal15
click hereOne DanceKevin PatAMS Tidal15
click hereSave MeKayceKeys, Mikki SongsAMS Tidal15
click hereHelloQuizboyAMS Tidal15
click hereBack To You (with R&P-X)Next RouteAMS Tidal15
click hereFunE2MAMS Tidal15
click hereIbadiJutang, International BoyAMS Tidal15
click hereAlways on My MindEmoh RekerdzAMS Tidal15

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