“Tidal Waves” Episode 2 – “Kingdom Come”

The second episode of our newest show “Tidal Waves” features primarily hip-hop artists and beats. There are some deep cuts for rock and Sax vibes from Kevin Pat. Check out the playlist HERE

click hereSifikileAbashayi BenambaKingdom Come2
click hereQonqoLlaynKingdom Come2
click hereNight & DayNico SAKingdom Come2
click hereMufasaNico SA, Fred NiceKingdom Come2
click hereHeartless (Sax Cover)Kevin PatKingdom Come2
click hereFaithKevin PatKingdom Come2
click hereContemplated, ComplicatedQuizboyKingdom Come2
click hereKickin’ Up DustDust DevilKingdom Come2
click hereAmaconsiChirst Igod, MakwaKingdom Come2
click hereDance Me If You CanPastabdxllKingdom Come2
click hereHow She WalkThe Plugg MusicKingdom Come2
click hereBushie RepublicThe Plugg MusicKingdom Come2
click hereRelationsThe Plugg MusicKingdom Come2
click hereRap Gamethe Stoned KnightKingdom Come2
click hereJazbaatthe Stoned KnightKingdom Come2
click hereWe Ball HardThe Plugg MusicKingdom Come2
“Tidal Waves” features artists featured on the streaming platform Tidal and on Tidal Playlists

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