Quizboy Album Review 1

We’ve been shopping around the new Quizboy album, please see what our first review that came back was:

“Quizboy has just released the highly anticipated rock album “Rest in Pain”, which is compiled of three particularly phenomenal upbeat tracks to enjoy. The first song titled “Hello” is a great cover rendition from the popular band, Oasis. The vocal style is appealing to its listeners and fits the song mood and blend seamlessly with the style of instrumentals. It is also apparent and appreciated that Quizboy took an original approach to recreating this song by making it their own rather than simply doing a direct replicate. The second track in the album is called “Contemplated”, which contains mild and softer moods in the verses and then progresses into being more intense with harder rock in the choruses. This contrast of going from light to heavy is a fantastic idea to implement and it works quite well with this track. This kind of approach is not done by many artists, therefore allowing Quizboy’s talent to shine bright and stand out among the crowd of other bands within the genre. Also, the vocal articulation with the overall beat to the song was spot on and was executed effectively. In addition, it is evident that lots of time and creativity went into writing and creating this song. Lastly, the track in the album called “Indiscretion”, also features verses that are mild and has choruses that are packed with distorted guitars, grungy vocals, and an upbeat flow. Also, the unexpected vocal scream followed by a rock-on guitar solo was a solid addition to the track that added a greater depth overall. Furthermore, the added vocal harmonies were a nice touch and they really compliment the lead vocals very well. Overall, “Rest in Pain” is a high quality upbeat rock album that fans of the genre are sure to love. Each track is unique in its own way and there is lots of replay value in listeners wanting to hear these tracks over and over again. I highly recommend other music lovers to give this album a listen! The album releases on digital streaming services such as Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes on March 27, 2020. You can find the link to the album below to check it out!”


~James Bryant

Freelance writer/ Songwriter/ Voiceover Impressionist & Performer


Listen to it on Bandcamp now: REST IN PAIN


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