“The Metal” Episode 0003

When I sat back and reflected today about how much Killswitch Engage I had spinning on the station, I basically gasped in shock of such blasphemy (because at the time that was none). Well, playlist 3 is the remedies that. You will also find some Audio Mirage Studios Easter eggs mixed in as well with the latest single from Dust Devil (2019) three quarters of the way through bringing it home. You’ll also hear some Existence Descent (a project Mike Orris was involved in before Eightimesover & Morris Junior). The track features Mark Moots of December, an amazing artist.

All that going on and then some with more indie metal featured from Ghoulish Overkill (Sparks, NV). Lots of stuff going on with this playlist, certainly one of my favorites.

Episode 3’s playlist is below (pasted from my Last.FM Profile – don’t forget to give me a follow there too if you’re a “LastFM’er”)

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“The Metal” Episode 0003 Playlist

Track name
Artist name
Play track
Unholy Confessions
Avenged Sevenfold
Play track Hewed with the Brand Will Haven
Play track Godspeed Us to Sea Every Time I Die
Play track How Far Is Too Far (feat. Mark Moots) Existence Descent
Play track World of Smoke (Demo) Dust Devil
Play track Set to Fail Lamb of God
Play track The Signal Fire (feat. Howard Jones) Killswitch Engage
Play track Unleashed Killswitch Engage
Play track The Flood The Haunted
Play track Stranded Gojira
Play track God Dammit Ghoulish Overkill
Play track Ratamahatta (Remastered) Sepultura
Play track Roots Bloody Roots (Remastered) Sepultura
Play track Dedicated Parkway Drive
Play track Vice Grip Parkway Drive
Play track You Don’t Bleed For Me Killswitch Engage

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