Post Hardcore / Emo Track Listings Episode 0002

Episode 0002 is another playlist that can be sourced from the Spotify page, much like the first episode. Again you’ll find Thrice’s “Silhouette” found it’s way into this round of playlists, which makes complete sense to me because even though 95% of these playlists are generated from random shuffles, there’s no denying that I love that song and it would probably make it in every PH/EMO playlist I put together even if it was a manual hand jam. Difference is, I try to be more cognizant of what was already played previously when I manually construct the playlists.

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Episode 2’s playlist is below (pasted from my Last.FM Profile – don’t forget to give me a follow there too if you’re a “LastFM’er”)

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“Post Hardcore” Episode 0002 Playlist

Play TrackMy Bitter HalfThe Bled
Play trackIf It Means a Lot to YouA Day to Remember
Play trackTeenagersMy Chemical Romance
Play trackRight Back at It AgainA Day to Remember
Play trackWhen The Sun SleepsUnderoath
Play trackInvoke ReformHaste the Day
Play trackHauntingHaste the Day
Play trackAll I WantA Day to Remember
Play trackSilhouetteThrice
Play trackSignals Over The AirThursday
Play trackA Box Full of Sharp ObjectsThe Used
Play trackYou’re Ever So InvitingUnderoath

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