Portland Playlist of the Day Episode 0004

Another splendid day in the Portland metro area neighborhood 🙂

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Portland Playlist of the Day Episode 0004

Track name
Artist name
Play track
The Badge
Poison Idea
Play Falling Star Yesterday’s Youth
Play track Prehistoric Dog Red Fang
Play track Wires Red Fang
Play track New Slang The Shins
Play The Stars in Your Eyes Henry’s Child
Play track Cut it Short Red Fang
Play track The Number One Poison Idea
Play We Are The Pinnacle Abolitionist
Play track ME & JD Poison Idea
Play track Deep Sleep Poison Idea
Play Toxic Masculinity Holocaust The Latter Day Skanks
Play This, Too, Shall Pass Val Bauer
Play PINK Abolitionist
Play not alone Abolitionist
Play What a Pity Henry’s Child

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