“Grunge Lives!” Episode 0003

I’m liking the later shuffles of my Grunge playlists more lately, the last ones were stuck a bit on a lot of Mother Love Bone cycle in earlier episodes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that overtly, it was just shaping the whole sound of the overall playlists to feel less “Grungy” and more like “Eighties reaching back to Classic Rock guitar riff-y” I guess. This mix came out nice and traditionally grungy.

Episode 3’s playlist is below (pasted from my Last.FM Profile – don’t forget to give me a follow there too if you’re a “LastFM’er”)

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Episode 0003 “Grunge Lives!”

Track name
Artist name
Play track
Heroin Girl
Play track Back In The Day Local H
School – Remastered Nirvana
Pushin’ Forward Back Temple of the Dog
Play track Would? Alice in Chains
Not for You – Remastered Pearl Jam
Play track Hail, Hail Pearl Jam
Play track My Song Jerry Cantrell
Play track Suicidal Dream – Remastered Silverchair
Play track Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana
Play track God Smack Alice in Chains
Play track Dam That River Alice in Chains
Play track Mailman Soundgarden
Play track Touch Me I’m Sick Mudhoney
Play track High-Fiving MF Local H

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