“Post Hardcore” Episode 0001 Playlist

Our first shuffle round of “Post Hardcore” is a beauty. Some of my favorite Emo/Post Hardcore stuff popped up on this segment. I remember seeing Silverstein at the New Oasis in Sparks, NV circa 2005 and thinking, “Ohhh okay. I get it now” as it pertains to Emo. Now it’s one of my favorite playlists to shuffle through. Today’s episode includes some heavy hitters such as A Day To Remember and Thrice. Enjoy.

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Episode 1’s playlist is below (pasted from my Last.FM Profile – don’t forget to give me a follow there too if you’re a “LastFM’er”)

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“Post Hardcore” Episode 0001 Playlist

PlayTrack nameArtist name
Play track
Play trackSay This SoonerThe Almost
Play track
Famous Last Words
My Chemical Romance
Famous Last Words
Play track2nd SucksA Day to Remember
Play trackStare At The SunThrice
Play trackSilhouetteThrice
Play trackMy HeroineSilverstein
Play trackDrownBring Me the Horizon
Play trackUnder A Killing MoonThrice
Play trackSeven YearsSaosin
Play trackNSPAdapt to Torment
Play trackSmile in Your SleepSilverstein
Play trackAmerican DreamSilverstein
Play trackParanoiaA Day to Remember
Play trackShadow MosesBring Me the Horizon
Play trackYou’re Ever So InvitingUnderoath

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