AMS Radio App is now on Google Play and Apple App Store

Greetings! It is with great enthusiasm that we are pleased to announce the launch of Audio Mirage Studios’ new online radio station: AMS Radio.

Download our Radio App!!   For Android click here   For Apple click here

The plan is to promote and share as much of the great indie music with music listeners as possible. Our vision, is to establish a collective of listeners who can appreciate the content we share and regularly tune in to enjoy the music already known and loved, plus discover new and exciting music to deep dive into. And of course, if that new and exciting music is in the form of an independent artist out there busting their humps to make great content, then we have succeeded in our mission. That is, essentially, the entire point. This project is a labor of love. We’re not interested in advertising to you, collecting your information, all we aim to do is share music, help you discover something new and drive traffic to artists working hard to be heard out there.
We will also be playing “not so” indie stuff in between here and there as dictated by our personal taste and curation. All of that is mostly driven by licensing arrangements and the funds to do so. What can you expect content wise from the station? In short, we are mostly Rock oriented with flashes of Rap and Comedy (music or stand up).
The longer version of that explanation is that we’ll be throwing the kitchen sink at you: Metal, alternative, rap, rock, hard rock, hip hop, rap, punk, grunge, post grunge, post hardcore, post punk, thrash, classical, blues, jazz, Motown, instrumental, fusion, pop punk, psychedelic, folk, hardcore, pop, country western, bluegrass, funk, mathcore/prog, comedy, stand up, parody, classic rock, funk, metalcore … we love all kinds of music and performing arts.

“Exploring, distributing, and licensing the sounds of local and independent music.” – Audio Mirage Studios

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter under the following hashtags: #audiomirage #audiomiragestudios #AMSradio #audiomirageart

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